OOSEPT Sanitizer Soap Spray 500ml

Classification Sanitizer soap conforming to the following regulations: Regulation 648/2004 regarding detergents  – Regulation 1272/2008 referring to substances and mixtures.

Intended use: Instantaneous sanitizing liquid formulated for deep sanitizing of surfaces (except for hard stone and ceramics or surfaces that are sensitive to acids).

Composition: Hydrogen peroxide (35 %), water, citric acid monohydrate, sodium citrate, alchilpoliglucoside(C8 ramified) AS 48, alchilpoliglucoside (C11) SL11, acetic acid, Sequestrant (ethydronic acid), DPM (dimethyloxypropanol), Limonene / orange terpenes, citral, ethyl acetate, anti-allergic profume. pH 2.4. DOES NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL NOR ALCOHOLIC COMPONENTS.

Code. 981429398 - 500ml.