Elastic suspensory bandage


Used to support the weight of the scrotum on the groin walls to avoid elongating the testicular spermatic cords.  Especially indicated for use during sports activities and post-operatively.  Abdominal band width of 6 cms.

Instructions:  put on the suspensory bandage as you would any normal pair of underwear so that the cotton pouch contains the scrotum. Wash in warm water at 30°C with neutral soap for delicate items. Do not wring.  Dry far from heat sources.  Avoid contact with acids, creams and oils.

Contraindications: If indicated by Doctor.

Non sterile medical device.  Do not use on open wounds.

 Nylon 60% - Cotton 30% - Elastam 10%

Cotton omnidirectional elasticity of triangular pouch

Colour: white

Cod. 909818066 - size II for circ. 75 cms.
Cod. 909818155 - size III for circ. 80 cms.
Cod. 909818243 - size IV for circ. 87 cms.
Cod. 909818332 - size V for circ. 92 cms.
Cod. 909818421 - size VI for circ. 98 cms.