Farmacare® anti-thrombosis socks thigh model Thigh model – package 1 pair


Farmacare® anti-thrombosis socks thigh model were designed specifically for a clinical necessity to increase blood flow velocity, to reduce venous stasis, thrombosis and pulmonary embolus for patients who are suddenly bedridden for lengthy periods.

The special structure of  Farmacare® anti-thrombosis socks thigh model guarantees correct compression for lengthy periods of time. 

They are manufactured with maximum precision and technology, thus guaranteeing proven quality and efficiency.




Insert with multi-directional elastic knit and seams on the external side

Prevents the tourniquet effect. Improves fit and comfort.

Pre-formed heel created during the knitting phase (not during ironing)

Helps to avoid socks moving up or down.  Maintains the sock in the correct position under constant compression.

Inspection hole at the toe tips

Allows rapid checking of the foot without compromising the compression.

Silicone on the upper edge band

Avoids the sock moving and permits good compression without the risk of allergic reactions.

Sock size knit directly on the sock foot: always remains perfectly readable.

Makes size identification easy.  Does not shrink at the first washing, does not wear out.

Circumference "G" thigh Circumference "C" calf Leg Length Size Farmacare Code
less than  63 cm up to 31cm up to 74 cm S-SHT 900478064
from 74 to 80 cm S-REG 900478328
beyond 80 cm S-LNG 900478367
less than  63 cm from 31 to 36 cm up to 74 cm M-SHT 900478405
from 74 to 80 cm M-REG 900478431
beyond 80 cm M-LNG 900478456
less than  63 cm from 36 to 42 cm up to 74 cm L-SHT 900478494
from 74 to 80 cm L-REG 900478619
beyond 80 cm L-LNG 900478672
from 63 to 81 cm beyond 38 cm from 74 to 80 cm XL-REG 900478773
beyond 80 cm XL-LNG 900478936