Female Hernia Brief with Pressure Pad


Classification: Class I medical device non sterile;

Intended use: The device is intended to support reducible inguinal hernias.  The device facilitates rapid recovery of movement and reduces the effects of possible relapses post-operatively. Indicated also for abdominal relaxation, visceral and renal ptosis.

Product description: The FEMALE HERNIA BRIEF WITH PRESSURE PAD is manufactured with exclusive textiles with differentiated elasticità to supply maximum comfort to the user. The brief has special internal pockets to hold the pressure pads that supply increased compression to the inguinal zone.  The compression pads come with the brief. A wide range of sizes allows the user to choose the most appropriate and efficient model. The device is non sterile and reusable.

Dimensional characteristics and sizes.

Color Nude. Composition: Cotton 86% - Elastan 14%

Coed. 979784220 - Size 2° - Waist circumference (cm.) 65-69

Code. 979784232 - Size 3° - Waist circumference (cm.) 70-74

Code. 979784244 - Size 4° - Waist circumference (cm.) 75-79

Code. 979784257 - Size 5° - Waist circumference (cm.) 80-84

Code. 979784269 - Size 6° - Waist circumference (cm.) 85-89

Code. 979784271 - Size 7° - Waist circumference (cm.) 90-94

Code. 979784283 - Size 8° - Waist circumference (cm.) 95-99