Hernia brief with support inserts


Particularly indicated for hernia containment and following surgery.
Made with special textile of pure cotton together with elastomers. Made to substitute for standard briefs.
Internal pockets on both sides permit insertion of supports that come with the brief.

Cod. 909819409 - size II x waist circ. 76-80 cms.
Cod. 909819498 - size III x waist circ. 81-85 cms.
Cod. 909819587 - size IV x waist circ. 86-90 cms.
Cod. 909819676 - size V x waist circ. 91-95 cms.
Cod. 909819765 - size VI x waist circ. 96-100 cms.
Cod. 909819854 - size VII x waist circ. 101-105 cms.
Cod. 909817254 - size VIII x waist circ. 106-110 cms.