Women’s girdle


Particularly recommended in cases of abdominal muscle relaxation and for post-operative use, visceral and renal ptosis, and after giving birth.
Thanks to the particular and exclusive textile, it offers varied containment in the areas where support is required.
Worn as a substitute for standard briefs.
Openable crotch – Anatomical design – Perfect fit.

Cod. 900649753 - size III for waist circ. 70-74 cms.
Cod. 900649765 - size IV for waist circ. 75-79 cms.
Cod. 900649789 - size V for waist circ. 80-84 cms.
Cod. 900649791 - size VI for waist circ. 85-89 cms.
Cod. 900649827 - size VII for waist circ. 90-94 cms.