RehaSkin - innovative line of cosmetic products

Skin is not only an inert surface with protective and defensive functions; it is the most extensive organ of the human body, in constant exchange and communication with the external world.  (Giulia Penazzi – How cosmetics are made, Edra, MI)


Taking care of our skin is therefore a must, a sit goes beyond an aesthetic approach and means to also take care of a deeper part of ourselves.  In order to care for our skin however, it is essential to choose the right products; those formulated with care and attention and in total respect for the skin’s physiological equilibrium.

The RehaSkin innovative line of cosmetic products was developed for the most delicate skin, especially that which has been conditioned by various types of treatments such as surgery, aesthetics, pharmacological or radiotherapy.

Products are formulated with ingredients that are selected with care, mainly of natural origin, to minimize the risk of potential sensitizing.  Those components listed on the oncologists’ black list have been purposefully excluded, to make sure that formulas are specifically adapt also for stressed and sensitive skin.  

RehaSkin Mousse detergent no rinse necessary - Delicate Face and Body - wash without soap. Code. 974347989

RehaSkin Urea cream 20% Body and Feet Emulsion with Urea for dry skin  Code. 974347433

RehaSkin Protective cream Face and Body. Ream for specific zones. Code. 974347991

RehaSkin Revitalizing Cream   Face and Body Cream for specific zones –  Code. 974347977