RehaSkin Revitalizing Cream

Face and Body eam for specific zones.

A Cream which is rich in functional substances of natural origin, formulated to improve moisturization and elasticity, and promote skin orthodermicity.  The synergy of ingredients of natural origin contributes to revitalizing skin that has been under stress from treatments of various natures, softening the keratin and increasing moisturization and elasticity.

Aloe vera juice which is rich in vitamins C, E, B2 and B6 and aminoacids, provides relief to dry, stressed skin and contributes to reinforcing the skin’s natural immune defenses, which are fundamental to all tissue revitalization processes. Panthenol in a high concentration, together with hyaluronic acid, favors skin revitalization. Shea butter, rich in unsaponifiable, in association with olive unsaponifiable, helps maintain and increase the skin’s well being.

The mixture of ceramides perfectly reconstitutes the waxy part of the natural hydrolipidic film, guaranteeing an optimal level of skin moisturization.  With regular use on unbroken skin, RehaSkin revitalizing cream helps reduce scar and cheloid imperfections and favors the skin’s natural reepithalisation process.

Code. 974347977 - 50 ml.