Basic Anti-Decubitus air mattress with Pump


Classification: medical device.

Intended use: designed for the prevention of stage I pressure sores, provides a continuous/alternated massage for patients confined to the bed, providing reduced pressure and good air circulation.

Product description: the kit includes one anti-decubitus overlay mattress and a compressor.

The mattress overlay has 130 spherical cells (bubbles) that inflate and deflate alternately, guaranteeing alternating pressure unloading about every 5 minutes.

The strong and silent compressor has a pressure regulator for use based on the patient’s weight and/or the degree of comfort desired, and includes a 2 meter long power cable to facilitate connection to power outlets not in the immediate vicinity of the bed.


Characteristics of mattress overlay

Dimensions (inflated)

Weight (inflated)

Max weight


Code ISO

cm. 200x86x6.35

About  2 Kg.

100 Kg

PVC thermo-sealed, non-toxic with antibacterial coating

Thickness 0.28

ISO 1999:

LEA 2017:


Characteristics of compressor




Power required

Electrical protection class



Pressure limits

23x11x85 cm.

0.8 Kg

220-230 V AC, 50 Hz

< 5 W

classe II – protezione elettrica di tipo B

Fusibile 1.5 A  250V

< 30 dB

From about 40 to 120 mmHg

Code 978832881 – mattress with compressor

Code 978832893 – Basic anti-decubitus mattress – spare