Natural wool anti-decubitus fleece


Produced from a selection of the best wools available on the international market.

Indications for use: prevention of decubitus ulcers, for post-operative recovery and for long term patients who are incontinent or bedridden/wheelchair ridden.

Composition: 100% Wool, gr. 850 sq.mms. TEXTILE IS PVC JERSEYSAN COTTON

Counter indications: If indicated by the doctor.

Instructions for use: Place the fleece on the wheelchair seat or on the bed between the sheet and the mattress. The fleece can also be placed in direct contact with the patient.

Washing instructions: Wash by hand or in the washing machine like any wool garment – water temperature 30°C for wool – Dry away from heat sources and well extended so as to avoid formation of folds. Use a brush to fluff – many washings are possible.

Warning: Non-sterile device. Follow washing instructions.

Cod. 909068506 – (dimensions: 100 x 70 cms)