FARMA-FIX Self-Adhering Bandage


Cohesive elastic bandage for fast application of compresses, gauze for wounds, medicated gauzes.

To cover and protect bandages and/or casts.  Adapt to position, support and to lighten loads (in cases of dislocations).  Ideal for sports activities.

Can be used also by veterinarians. Does not require the use of scissors.  Can be easily torn with fingers.

The bandage adheres to itself, thereby eliminating the need to use closure hooks.

  • Does not adhere to skin or hair.
  • Breathable and water repellent, ideal to protect bandages and casts.
  • Light and comfortable.
  • Available in blue or red and in different widths.
  • Elastic extension capability: 100%
  • Non-sterile, cannot be sterilized, Single use, Latex free

Code. 926983545  FARMA‐FIX BLUE BANDAGE 10 cm. X 4,5 mt.

Code. 926983558  FARMA‐FIX BLUE BANDAGE 7,5 cm. X 4,5 mt.

Code. 926983495  FARMA‐FIX RED BANDAGE 10 cm. X 4,5 mt

Code. 926983483  FARMA‐FIX RED BANDAGE 7,5 cm. X 4,5 mt.