Farmacare Farma-Forte Compression Bandage


The FARMA-FORTE BANDAGE is a compression bandage that permanently maintains its elastic properties.  The compression effect can be regulated by the application technique according to the specific use required. 

The material allows the skin to breathe.  It is re-useable and washable.  Composition: 93% cotton – 7% polyurethane

Indications for use:
Super-elastic compression bandage intended to offer support in cases of muscle strains, bruises and dislocations.  Efficient for compression and support applications.  Indicated for compression treatments in phlebology, orthopedics and functional bandages.

Packaged in a box containing one bandage, two metal hooks for fixation and a bilingual (Italian/English) insert with instructions for use.

Code. 926830670 - Cm 8x7*mt.
Code. 926830694 - Cm 10x7*mt.
Code. 926830706 - Cm 12x7*mt
*Dimensions when pulled