Farmagrip Elastic Tubular Bandage


Pure cotton tubular elastic (elastomer) sock.
Particularly indicated when an efficient support and compression is required.
Designed for the prevention and therapy of hypertrophic scars, it is also very efficient in a wide range of treatments such as strains, sprains, trauma of soft tissues, swelling bruises, and limb disorders .
Application is simple, practical and fast.  Does not require anchoring so can easily be applied and removed by the user for hygiene procedures.  It is used efficiently as a cover bandage for compression therapy for varicose vein treatments, as it may increase the compression of the underlying bandage if required.

Composition: Cotton 85% - Natural Rubber 7,5% - Polyester 7,5%

Identification table

Code 904348481 - B: cm. 6,25 x mt. 1
Code 904348517 - C: cm. 6,75 x mt. 1
Code 904348529 - D: cm. 7,5 x mt. 1
Code 904348543 - E: cm. 8,75 x mt. 1
Code 904348556 - F: cm. 10 x mt. 1
Code 904348570 - G: cm. 12 x mt. 1