Farmazink zinc treated bandages


Pre-rolled zinc treated bandages available in elastic or Non-elastic types in various sizes.

Available in single packaging and hospital packs of 10 pcs.

Farmazink Rigid bandage = 100% Viscose.
Farmazink Elastic bandage = 31% Polyammide 69% Viscose.

Indications for use:
Sustaining bandage for leg ulcers, varicose veins, thrombosis and post-operative treatment of fractures, strains, sprains and operations to bones and/or limbs. 
The elastic type allows for greater compression.

Consult your Doctor before use and follow the instructions for use carefully.

Code. 930244874 Farmazink zinc treated Elastic bandage cms.10x5mts.
Code. 930244898 Farmazink zinc treated Elastic bandage cms.10x10mts.

Code. 930244900 Farmazink Non-Elastic Zinc treated bandage cms.10x5mts.
Code. 930244912 Farmazink Non-Elastic Zinc treated bandage cms.10x10mts.