Medical – safe medication


NUCLEOFAR medications:

• Produced in conformity with the standards of the Official Pharmacy of the Italian Republic IX edit. (FU IX) and the Official European Pharmacy (FUE),

• In conformity with the requisites established by the CE Directive 93/42 for Class I and Class I sterile Medical Products,

• Sterilisation is obtained via ethylene oxide gas penetration (ETOX) with completed packaging, and with no further manipulation,

• The double protective packaging guarantees the best conservation of the product and affords a more adequate protection against possible uncautious handling on the part of the end user.

NUCLEOFAR Medical line:

Code 908819016 – Sewn Border Ear Bandage mt. 5x 1 cm 

Code 908819028 – Sewn Border Ear Bandage mt. 5x 2 cm 

Code 908818343 – Sewn Border Bandage 12/12 mt. 5x 5cm 

Code 908818356 – Sewn Border Bandage 12/12 mt. 5x 7 cm 

Code 908818368 –Sewn Border Bandage 12/12 mt. 5x 10 cm 

Code 922985597 – Gauze compresses cm. 10x10x100

Code 922985609 - Gauze compresses cm. 10x10x25

Code 922985611 - Gauze compresses cm. 18x40x12

Code 922985623 - Gauze compresses cm. 36x40x12

Code 908773942 - Oftalin - 10 adhesive ocular compresses