Semi-rigid elastic bandage with zinc oxide and cooling effect


Semi-rigid elastic bandage with zinc oxide and cooling effect.

Easy to apply, does not contain alcohol.
Fast and efficient bandage especially in the event of sports injuries.
Gives rapid relief.
Elasticity extension capacity:  60%.
Non-sterile, disposable.
To protect clothes, it is recommended to wrap another bandage or elastic tubular (Farmagrip type) over the Bandage.

Bandage support:  69% viscosa, 31% Polyamide – Cooling gel:  dispersion of zinc oxide on a matrix of hydrocolloid alginate and cellulose esters.
Indications for use:
Distortions, muscle strains, bruises and sports incurie of various types (tendons, muscles, limbs and ligaments).. Indicated also for burns, insect bites, bruises, post-traumatic swellings.
Packaging:  1 bandage single packaged in a special alluminium envelope.

Code. 925337471 5 MT x 6 CM
Code 925337444 5 MT x 8 CM
Code. 9253374469 5 MT x 10 CM