Skinprotector Pre-tape


Skin protector pre-tape for underwrapping

Made of polyurethane foam. Absorbs humidity when applied under casts or under synthetic insulating material for rigid bandages. 
The Skin protector pre-tape is a thin, resistant film that permits stable and safe applications.  Yellow colour.  Non-sterile.

Indications for use: 
- Sports Medicine, phlebology and orthopaedics 
- To protect the skin from adhesive and function taping bandages; allows easy removal of the
taping bandage without pain.
- To fix insulating materials in place.

Composition: 100% polyurethane foam
Conservation: Store in a dry place. 
Do not store for lengthy periods of time in hot
places (above 25°C) nor in cold places (below 10°C).
Do not expose to direct sunlight.  Avoid storage near heaters and/or directly next to warehouse doors/gates.

Cod. 923507659 - box 2 rolls