Butterfly Needle – 25G Short – 60 cm. tube


Sterile Epicranium (butterfly) needle for vein infusion and/or drawing fluids from the human body.
This model is particularly indicated for Thalassemia therapy (slow drug infusion under the skin using a portable infusion pump – home use).

Needle: stainless steel.  Needle cover:  polypropylene.
Support with wings: ABS
Tube:  PVC.
Conical connector Luer Lock:  ABS
Connector cap: PE
SHORT NEEDLE G25 x 3/8” (0,50 x 10 mm). Shorter than a standard butterfly needle.
TUBE PVC – length 60 cms. – internal diameter 1.28 mm – external diameter 2.4 mms. Longer than a standard butterfly needle to keep the infusion pump at a distance from the patient.

Code. 970518104 - 50 pcs