Farmacup KIT


TRAVEL KIT for convenient, safe and hygienic management of your Menstrual Cup (at home or while travelling).  The practical and discreet bag contains everything necessary to insert, empty, store, transport and sanitize your Menstrual Cup when travelling or at home.

The Kit contains:

• 1 FarmaCup Menstrual Cup (size Small or Large);

• 10 Special ambidextrous glove which are disposable, non sterile, high sensitivity, elastic and resistant, packaged singularly on a medical paper support that can be used to dispose of the glove after use;

• 1 Cleaner Cup made of silicone for sterilization of the Menstrual Cup.  Capacity: 170 ml, fold-up and includes a lid to seal;

• 1 package of disposable cotton wipes;

• 1 zip closure carrying bag.

Code 970396255 Kit with Farmacup SMALL

Code 970396267 Kit with Farmacup LARGE


Code 970486561 - Silicone Cleaner Cup

Code 978973636 - ​Farmacup Cotton Bag

​Disposable Non Sterile Gloves