Needle Cannulae Two Way


NEEDLE CANNULAE  are for the introduction and/or sampling of liquids from the peripheral vascular system.

Blocking Plugs  for needles are for occlusion of needle lumen, left in situ, when not being used for sampling or administering liquids.  

  • Stainless steel needle with triple sharpening to favour a painless injection;
  • Catheter body made of FEP, radiopaque to verify correct positioning;
  • Luer lock plug present on the ventilation connector to preserve sterility before and during use;
  • Second injection channel with click-lock plug;
  • Lateral wings for a more agile positioning;

Code. 980477285 - 20G 1.1x32 mm Pink (Average flow value 65 ml/min) - 50 pcs
Code. 980477297 - 22G 0.9x25 mm Blue (Average flow value 36 ml/min)) - 50 pcs
Code. 980477335 - Blocking Plug needle cannulae 2W - 20 G - 50 pcs
Code. 980477347 - Blocking Plug needle cannulae 2W - 22 G - 50 pcs