Surgical Mask with Anti-fog Visor


Classification: Medical Device Class I – TYPE II R surgical mask that conforms to Standard UN EN 14683

Intended use: Surgical mask with encompassing protective visor, anti-fog and resistant to liquid splashes.  Acts as a barrier against the risk of biological contamination.

Characteristics and Materials: Bacteria filtration efficiency (BFE): ≥ 98% ● High microbial removal: Bioburden ≤ 30 UFC/g ● Non-woven hypoallergenic 4 ply surgical mask (1st layer of polyethylene, resitant to liquid splashes-   2nd external layer of cellulose and polyester – 3rd layer of filtering polypropylene  - 4th internal layer of polyethylene) ● Adjustable metallic nose strip ● Mask dimensions: mm 92x180 ± 3 ● Dimensions of encompassing visor: mm 120x300 ● Encompassing visor of anti-static, fluid waterproof polyester ● Latex free

Code. 930547664 - 50 pcs