Test Tube for Urine for Vacuum Container


Test tube for urine sample and transport to laboratory with SYSTEM TRANSFER*

Made of Polypropylene, neutral/transparent color (body of test tube).  Polyethylene yellow (stopper)

  • Capacity: 9 ml.
  • Cylindrical form.
  • Superior Ø 16 mm.
  • Height without stopper: 100 mm.
  • Height with stopper: 105 mm.
  • Applied paper label for written data (name, date, etc.).
  • Single use.
  • Sterile (sterilization method: Beta Rays).
  • ​Latex free.

Code 970396228 

* The Transfer System includes a special urine container and a vacuum sealed urine collection test tube. The System was designed to manage urine samples in a safe and hygienic manner, both in health environments and domestically.  To use the system it is necessary to unscrew the stopper plug of the container and collect urine as prescribed by the Doctor.
Close the container with the screw-on stopper. To remove urine for the Laboratory (this can be done by both the patient at home or by the Laboratory) just lift the protective paper label, found on the container lid, and insert the still sealed test tube with its penetrable stopper in the in the space present in the lid of the container: urine will flow automatically (by the vacuum effect) from the container to the test tube without the risk of lost urine and contamination of the surrounding area and user.  The test tube thus filled is ready for the analysis Laboratory.