Automatic Digital NISSEI PLUS Sphygmomanometer

The new NISSEI PLUS AUTOMATIC DIGITAL SPHYGMOMANOMETER responds to the most basic needs of the homecare user while including specific functions that are typical of professional devices.  Easy reading and simplicity of use make this device indispensable for home blood pressure measuring. 

Besides the standard functions (systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurement) the NISSEI PLUS AUTOMATIC DIGITAL SPHYGMOMANOMETER also includes a function that signals the need to repeat the measurement, with a specific alert symbol.  Frequently, during home use, the cuff may be positioned incorrectly, or the user moves during the measurement process, or episodes of arrhythmia occur.  In these cases, it is necessary to repeat the measurement until data measurement is as reliable as possible.

Furthermore, the NISSEI PLUS AUTOMATIC DIGITAL SPHYGMOMANOMETER is capable of registering the Pulsation Pressure (indicated on the monitor with the symbol PP) which represents the difference between systolic and diastolic pressure, which is an important reference index of the rigidity of the arteries and, consequently, an indicator of circulatory risk.

Finally, the length of the cuff permits use by larger bodied persons, avoiding the need to purchase a specific accessory.

(Designed by Dr. Kazuo Kawasaki).

Code. 978306823

Technical Characteristics: 



Measurement method


Inflation/deflation method

Automatic (Fuzzy) with rapid automatic deflation valve

Pressure measurement interval

50-250 mmHg (systolic) – 40-140 mmHh (diastolic)


Cuff pressure interval

3-300 mmHg

Heartbeat interval measurement

40-160 bpm (pulse frequency)

Precision pressure measurement

+/- 3 mmHg

Precision heartbeat measurement

+/- 5% of the reading


2 channels of 60 measurements in each of these



4 type AA – 1.5V alcaline batteries (batteries included – optional AC/DC power supplier)


LCD with 78 cm2 to 15 digits

Diameter reference  of arm

From 22 to 42 cms.


gr. 250

Dimensions (LxPxH)

Cm 11.5x11.5x6.59