FarMag Magnetoterapia

FARMAG is a magnetic therapy device with low frequency pulsating magnetic fields. The device is extremely efficient to re-activate the metabolism of tissues and to stimulate skeletal and joint structures, compromised by trauma, stress and aging.

FARMAG includes 32 preset programs and 15 programs that can be set manually by the user.

Technical Characteristics  

  • 2 independent channels;
  • Power:  400 Gauss (peak) (200 for 2 channels) - 140 Gauss average (70x2 channels).
  • Average power adjustable in steps from  1 - 5 or 10
  • Adjustable frequency from 5 to 200 Hz in  steps of 1
  • Duty-cycle: 5-50% steps of 5
  • Possibility to memorize the last 10 programs used.
  • Wide and rear illuminated graphics display which allows view of all parameters.  The ease of the commands makes the device complete and easy to use.
  • Electrically Powered  220V
  • Class IIA (according to Directive 2007/47/CEE)
  • Class of protection II – type BF
  • Solenoid (12x12 cm)


Ideal also to rent, thanks to the “STIM LOCK” function.

This Function allows you to choose a program, without the user being able to modify it when the device is turned on.  

Complete with the following accessories

  • 1 bag 
  • 2 soft solenoids
  • 1 black elastic band with tear closure (80x8 cms)
  • FARMAG magnet therapy module
  • Power supply
  • Instructions for use manual

Code. 974104162 

Spare parts

  • Code 974104174 - Soft Solenoid
  • Code 974104186 – Replacement Battery
  • Code 974844882 – Black bandwith tear closure