Finger Pulse Oxymeter


Class: Medical Device Class IIa.

Product description: The Finger Pulse Oxymeter is a non-invasive device for measurement of blood oxygen saturation in hemoglobin, and cardiac frequency.

Intended use: The Device is for measurement in adults and children over 3 years old.



  • Light and easy to use;
  • OLED color Display with simultaneous viewing of values and plethysmogram PHY
  • Low perfusion functioning: 0,2%
  • The DSP advanced algorhythm can improve accuracy of the low perfusion measurement
  • Visual and Acoustic alarm function
  • Automatic turn off
  • 2 standard alcaline batteries AAA , 1,5 V included (duration: more than 20 hours of consecutive operation)
  • The Device is latex free

Code. 980079558