NON- CONTACT Infrared Thermometer

Classification: Class IIa Medical Device

Product Description: The device uses infrared technology to measure temperatures at a distance, such as the forehead/on the body of neonates and adults.  The thermometer is indicated both for home use and for professionals.


•          Temperature measurement in conditions of maximum hygiene, without skin contact;

•          The Device is also capable of measuring: temperature values below 32 °C and above 42,9 °C

-           temperature measurement of surfaces: 0 °C / 60 °C

-           temperature measurement of the environment: 0 °C /40 °C

•          Measuring distance: 3-5 cm. Wait for 3 to 5 seconds before the next measurement;

•          3 measurement modes: BODY: body temperature measurement – SURFACE TEMP: surface temperature measurements (e.g.: baby bottle/bottle/bath) – ROOM: to measure room temperature;

•          Colored indicator signals a fever: green when less than 37.3 °C – orange from 37,4 °C to 37,9 °C – red from 38 °C and higher;

•          Automatic shut off after 30 seconds when not in use;

•          Battery function (included)

Code. 980530859