Alcohol Breathalyser model AL7000

Alcohol meter model AL 7000 is for personal use, and permits the user to check the blood alcohol concentration (BAC), from expired breath.



Unità di misura/Unit of Measure

‰ – ( gr/l)

Intervallo di misurazione

BAC/BAC measurement interval

0.00 - 4.00 gr/l

Accuratezza / Accuracy

±  10% 


Semiconduttore di classe I/class I semi-conductor

Alimentazione/Power supply

Due pile stilo 1.5V tipo AA  (incluse)/two stylus batteries 1.5V type AA (included)

Temperatura di esercizio/Function temperature

0° – 40° C

Autospegnimento/Automatic turn-off

Dopo 15 secondi/After 15 seconds


LCD retro illuminato/LCD rear illuminated

Dimensioni /Dimensions

122 X 58 X 22 mm


115 gr incluse le batterie/115 gr batteries included

Modulo Sensore/Sensor Module

Sostituzione del sensore a partire dai 300 test eseguiti 

o massimo ogni 12 mesi/Substitute sensor after 300 tests performed or maximum every 12 months

Tempo di responso/Response time

5 secondi/5 seconds


Contents of kit:

1 AL7000 digital alcohol meter

2 stylus AA type batteries

1 soft neoprene bag

5 sealed mouthpieces

1 large ABS case

1 12v power supply for car

1 wrist loop

1 Italian instructions manual

It is possible to use alternative power supplies such as the car cigarette lighter, using the included cable.  Inside the instrument a maximum of 2 mouthpieces can be contained.

Code 938936945


Code 938937733 Spare sensor

Code 938937721 Single use straw 25 pc