Erka Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor - Perfect

Made in Germany.  World famous quality.

The design and ease of handling make it optimum for clinics and the doctor’s office.
2 tube model.
Precision dial made of anodized aluminium, 48mms. diameter with incorporated bulb hand pump.
Measuring field from 0 to 300 mm Hg with subdivisions of 2 mms.
1% tolerance of measuring field.
Valve made of chromed brass.  Unbreakable glass, resistant to alcohol and disinfectants.
Supplied complete with carrying bag.

The double tube system protects the membrane and guarantees maximum strength during daily use.  The copper diaphragm – tempered beryllium, guarantees high resistance and precision.

The particularly sensitive screw valve allows the user to take perfect readings.

Code 900651252 Complete with ADULT model arm cuff – without phonendoscope