Infrared Lamp

Infrared ray therapy is indicated for pathologies that can be improved by increasing blood flow and/or painful muscle tension.

The infrared Lamp is indicated for those patients with a doctors prescription that require this therapy to relieve or heal the above described pathologies.

Technical Characteristics:
AC 230 V – 50 Hz – 150 W

Risk classification:
Class ( ) II type B ( )

Conditions for use:
Temperature 10-40°

Humidity 18-85%

Reference standards:
EN 1041 – EN 60601-1 Classified according to the definition of rule 9 in Class IIa

Risk analysis:
The principal cause of ranger for infrared lamps is the increase in heat.

Treatment recommended:
Keep eyes closet during use on face. The length of the treatment is recommended to be about 12 minutes.

Code 902901545