Portable TENS

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator.
The emission of electrical impulses from the instrument bring relief in multiple types of pain such as:  headache, stiff neck, shoulder pain, sport related pain, general muscle pain.

The instrument comes with an elegant and refined case containing: 2 cables of 2 wires; 1  9 volt battery; 4 reusable electrodes; user manual.

Technical data:
• Channels: two which are isolated between them
• Wavelength: assymetrical bi-phase square wave
• Intensity: 0-80 mA on 500 Ω adjustable
• Impulse frequency: adjustable between 2 to 150 Hz
• Rise time of the single impulse: 30-260 µs adjustable
(packets of impulses)
• Timer: adjustable to 15, 30 or 60 minutes
• Dimensions: mm 24x64x95 (h)
• Power: 1 battery 9V
• Weight: gr. 130

Code 902176229 - TENS complete with accessories and case