Professional Aspirator Mod. 16L/min

Electronically powered suction unit, for nasal, oral or tracheal aspiration for adults or for children for body liquids such as mucus, nasal fluids and blood.
The device is designed to offer portability and non continuous use.

Thanks to these characteristics and the performance capabilities, this product is particularly adapt for applications during simple surgery and post-operative treatments at home.
The unit is constructed of a highly insulated plastic body both thermally and electrically and in conformity with the European safety standards, the unit is supplied with a complete polycarbonate aspiration bottle which can be sterilised, with an overflow valve and a suction regulator and vacuum meter on the front panel.

Power feeding 230V-50Hz
Max Vacuum - adjustable -0.75 Bar/-75kPa/ -563mmHg
Max free air folw rate 20l/min
Power consumption 107 VA
Fuse 1 x 1.6 A 250 V
Intermittent duty cycle at 35°C and 110% operating voltage 30 ON / 30 OFF
Weight Lbs 7.91 - kg 2.50
Size in 13.78" x 8.27" x 7.09" - mm 350 x 210 x 180
Years of warranty 2
Manufacturing 100% in Italy

Code 905125492 - professional aspirator
Code 905055695 – spare antibacterial filter 
Code 905055760 – 1000 ml. Liquid collection jar with spare lid