Semi-automatic Defibrillator Plus

Semi-automatic Defibrillator Plus
External Semi-automatic Defibrillator designed to respond adequately in the event of sudden cardiac arrest situations.
For Sports, Health, offices, Industries,  Locations and Public Offices.

Ready for use on adult and  pediatric patients (patients between  the ages of 1 and  8 years, or weighing less than 25 kgs.). 
The objective is to supply the first charge within 4 minutes. TecnoHeart Plus and its characteristics guarantee an extraordinary operative readiness.

Basic set:
• Soft storage bag with shoulder strap
• SD Card (for updates and event  recording)
• Internal battery NON rechargeable  (Averaghe life in standby mode is 5 years from manufacture date – 2 years if stored outside the device)
• Display with red LED indicator
• Infrared portal
Code. 925758157