Sports Tens 2 Complete Device

Sports TENS 2 is a multi-function combined unit that offers the latest state of the art avances in the field of muscle electrostimulation and TENS

The device has three basic functions that can be used in a combined manner:

Stimulation of sensor nerves for Pain Relief  (TENS)

Stimulation of the motor nerves and muscle tissues

 (EMS) to construct and modify muscle function

Massage effect

Indicated to tone-up, model, improve beauty and relax the body

Complete with two independent stimulation channels and four self-adhesive electrodes.

Offering a wide range of programs developed to increase general well being, to relieve pain, maintain physical state, favour relaxation, revitalise muscles and combat fatigue.  You may choose the regulations you prefer from a pre-existing program, or choose them yourself based on your needs.

It is sufficiently versatile to be of support in all phases of training and recovery.

It has 27 EMS programs, 10 TENS programs, 10 massage programs and 8 programs determined by the user to permit experimentation and save preferred regulations.

Special Characteristics

Li-Ion battery like those used for mobile cell phones which makes the device light and compact.

Supplied with an external re-charger.

Complete with single cable connection port and cable caddy.

Retro-illuminated LCD Display screen.

Every time a key is pressed, the screen illuminates, for easy reading and is very well illuminated.

Easy intensity control.

Intensity steps are small, so to maximise the comfort level.

The memory is sufficient for an exercise program lasting 30 days, and including 3 uses per day.


Cod. 924213477

TensCare - Sports TENS 2