Tens Perfect

The technology of the device TENS Perfect, designed specifically to treat pain in the comfort of one’s home, offers a safe and efficient solution to treat problems of various entities:  chronic pain (backache, arthritis, rheumatic pain, lombar pain, hip pain, pain from osteoarthritis of the knee and sciatica), muscle-skeletal pain (fibromyalgia, falls, distortions, direct blows to muscles and automobile accidents), acute pain (toothache and facial, neck pain, post-operative pain, headache and neuralgia).

Technical Characteristics  

  • Bi-phase, assymetrical wavelength;
  • 2 independent channels with 4 self-adhering electrodes that allow treatment to distinct areas;
  • 60 levels of stimulation intensity (1mA for each level) for a very personalized stimulation;
  • 8 pre-set programs;
  • 1 program for setting parameters manually;
  • Possibility to memorize the activity frequency, the time period of use, and the last program used;
  • Key lock to prevent accidental modification of the chosen settings;
  • Practical clip to attach the device to your belt;
  • Large LCD screen for perfect visualization of the parameters shown;


Device includes:

  • 2 Cables (L-CPT)
  • 4 self-adhering electrodes,  50x50 mm (E-CM5050)
  • 2  AA (alkaline  1.5V Batteries)
  • 1 belt attachment
  • 1 Carrying bag
  • 1 Instructions manual

Dimensions: 111 x 53 x 20 mms - Weight 110 gr. (without batteries)

Code. 974844906 - Tens Perfect

TENS Perfect