Ultrasound Device

Innovative device for ultrasound therapy.
3 in 1: only ultrasound, only electrotherapy, ultrasound and electrostimulation combined therapy.

15 pre-inserted programmes: 7 programmes for combined ultrasound therapy and electrotherapy treatment; 1 programme for ultrasound therapy; 7 programmes for electrotherapy. Ultrasonic collimated range with 5 levels of intensity for an optimal penetration of the tissues. Ultrasound from 1MHz with maximum power of 4W; Maximum surface intensity of 1W/cm2 ; maximum intensity electrotherapy exit 80Vpp; surface head 5 cm2.

Device includes:
medical power supplier
ultrasound gel
single derived cable for combined therapy
double derived cable for electrotherapy
electrodes with cable for electrotherapy
Instruction manual with positions.

Dimensions: 358x64x97 mms - Code. 930504752