Arm sling

Allows immobilisation of the arm in the correct position for cases of dislocations, trauma and casts. With support lining for the hand (only reinforced models). Medical Device, non-sterile.

Instructions for use
1) Insert the strap through the shoulder pad
2) Position the forearm inside the arm sling
3) Regulate the length of the strap
4) Connect the click closure

Indications for washing and storing
Composition: 100% cotton textile, reinforcement and shoulder pad made of polyurethane foam, strap 100% polyester. Machine washable at 30°C with neutral soap.
Do not wring. Dry away from heat sources.

Follow the doctors indications.
Do not use this garment with open wounds.
Avoid contact with acids, creams and oils

Cod. 909810412 - Simple type - size medium
Cod. 909810501 – Simple type - size large
Cod. 909819132 – Reinforced type - size medium 
Cod. 909819221 – Reinforced type – size large