Emercency medication case 1

Contains the minimum indispensable first aid items as in Enclosure 1 for companies or factories in Group A (I° - II° - III°) and for companies or factories in Group B, with 3 or more workers.

The same supplies must be guaranteed by employers for workers that perform their job responsibilities in isolated places, different from the company Headquarters or factory.

The minimum indispensable contents of the first aid case should be upgraded on the base of the risks present in the work environment and upon indications from the physician responsible.

Bright orange coloured case made of plastic material, with supports for attachment to the wall and transport handle. Neoprene gasket, closure with two rotating clip.

External dimensions: 395x270x135 mms

Total weight:: 6,20 Kgs.


1 copy of Ministerial Decree 388 DL 15.07.03

5 Pair sterile latex gloves

1 Mask + splashproof visor 

3 Physiological solution 500 ml, polypropylene bottle CE

2 Bottles disinfectant 500 ml of Iodopovidone 10% iodine PMC

10 packages gauze compresses, 10x10 cms., sterile 12 layers

2 Single sterile gauzes 18x40 cms. 

2 Cloths 40x60 cms., DIN 13152-BR for burns

2 Sterile forceps

1 Package of Absorbent Cotton

1 elastic tubular bandage

2 packages of 10 assorted adhesive strips

2 5 mt x cm. 2,5 spools of adhesive tape

1 Lister scissors DIN 58279-A145

3 Flat tourniquet bands

2 Instant Ice

2 Refuse bags, 250 x 350 mms., recloseable

1 Clinical Thermometer  CE with bag

1 Sphygmomanometer with phonendoscope

1 Multi-language first aid instructions

Code 902981873 (complete case)

Code 902989096 (replacements pack with sphygmomanometer)

Code 930534235 (replacements pack without sphygmomanometer)