Fire Proof Cover

Fire-proof safeguard included as part of the active protection devices which permit intervention on determined types of  fire out- break principles which limit the use of dust type or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, which may worsen the extinguishing effect (combustion of flammable liquids in small containers, combustion of mineral oils, combustion of textiles and human hair).

Technical Characteristics:

  • Certified to standard EN 1869-1997
  • Dimensions: 120x180 cm;
  • Thickness: 0.20 mm;
  • Non-combustible to fire – class 0
  • Maximum withstandable temperature of the raw material: 540 °C;
  • Maximum withstandable temperature of the finishing: 200 °C.
  • Resistance to acids and alkalies with the exception of concentrated sulfuric acid.
  • Rigid red container, easily visible with ready wall attachment.


  • 100% fibre glass type “E”;
  • Finishing: white silicone type resin coating on both sides;

Code. 974845315