Instant Ice with Urea

Intended use: indispensable for any first aid situation and for all cases where the use of cold treatment is required:  during  sports, free time, at work, to combat neuralgia (e.g., toothache), pulled muscles, sprains, bruises, heat stroke, insect bites, contact with irritating substances, following simple surgical procedures (tooth extraction, aesthetic treatments, etc.)

Available in single packaging or in packages of 2 pcs. (the package of 2 pcs. also includes a non-woven textile pouch for use on the face and/or particularly sensitive or delicate areas).

Composition: UREA and clean water  

  • Latex free

Does not contain ammonium nitrate,  so there are no legal limits regarding the storage of quantities.


Code. 974104248 - single pack

Code. 974104251 - box 2 packs