“Minikit” – First-Aid kit

Ideal for first aid for small wounds, a useful accessory for private or service vehicles, during free time and do-it-yourself activities. Case made of ABS, including two equal parts, each complete with glass dividers for better product storage.  Includes a support for wall attachment.  Closure has two rotating clips, providing a hermetic seal with neoprene gaskets.


185x144x78 mms - 0,59 Kgs.


1 pckg of 2 protective gloves

2 pckgs. Sterile gauze 18x40 cms

1 pckg of cotton wool 

1 roll of tape 1 mt. X 2 cms.

1 x 5 cm. bandage

1 sterile bandage with tampon 80x 100 mms

5 disinfectant pads

1 pair of tweezers for medication

1 pair of scissors

1 pckg. of 10 bandaids

1 adhesive bandage 10x6 cms.

First aid instructions

Cod. 909199616