Nautical First Aid Case “Table D” New Law D.L. ART. 1 of 01/10/2015

TABLE D referring to ships* authorised under the following classes:





Local coast fishing

Close coast fishing

Within 12 miles

Within 20 miles

Pleasure boat

Not included in Tab. A


* SHIPS BEYOND 24 mts.


Contents conform to the new law D.L. ART.1 of 01/10/2015 TAB. D

All special medicines and Chlorhexidine must be purchased separately.

Case with hermetic seal, automatic pressurization valve, soft handle for safe grip.

Two-step safety closure, double lock predisposition, nylon zipper along the entire profile of the case.

IP67 Certified cases to guarantee resistance to water and dust, for safe protection of the contents from weather conditions.


Sanitary material contents (Chlorhexidine 5% solution bottle 500ml not included):

1 bottle hydrogen peroxide ml.250 

1 resucitator balloon for ADULTS

1 oral/nasal mask for adults cal.5

1 oral/nasal mask for children cal.2

1 NITRILE hemostatic tourniquet

1 latex free tourniquet belt

10 Bandages m 3,5x10cm cellophane border

1 ICE PACK instant ice

2 plasters cm 10x6 PLASTOSAN

8 Cotton compresses gr.125

1 pair Lister scissors cm 14,5 DIN 

1 pair lister scissors CM.19 DIN 

5 single sterile guazes 18x40

5 pckgs 20x20 sterile hydrophilic guazes (5x5)

1 pair NITRILE gloves, sterile LARGE

5 pair COPOLIM sterile gloves one size M

1 MINI needle disposal container

1 Blood pressure monitor PERSONAL with phonendo

1 flat stethoscope

2 immobilization splints with aluminium sponge

1 Multilingual manual for emergency first aid 24 PAGES

COPY OF MINISTRY DECREE with list of special medicines to be purchased in the pharmacy by final user


Code 970518128

Weight: 6,00 kgs

Dimensions: 464x366xx176H mm