Polycarbonate Protective Visor

Classification: IPD (Individual Protection Device) Category II – Class of use III – Resistance to high velocity particles: B.

Product description and intended use: Visor made of transparent polycarbonate, reusable after sanification. 

This product’s use is intended for maximum face protection, by impeding pathogens, saliva particles, spashes and small foreign bodies from entering into contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth of the user.


•              Maximum protection of the face and comfortable level of aeration;

•              Pull up visor via two side knobs that permit adjustment of the screen position;

•              Adjustable elastic band by two buckles found at the extremity of the frame;

•              Compatible with use of eye glasses and masks;

•              Comes with protective film covering both sides which must be removed before use;

•              Material: Polycarbonate - Dimensions: 210 x 220 mm – Thickness 0,75/1mm;

Code. 980502001