Standard rescusitation balloon

Adult rescusitation balloon

Easy to use thanks to its special form. Can be taken apart entirely to facilitate cleaning and sterilisation operations. Innovative materials were used in the construction and every single part was scrupulously selected. Testing and checking for qualità control is performed with sophisticated systems.

Complete with mask size .4 (for adults)
Complete with safety valve at 54 mBar of excess pressure
Latex Free
Hand washable and can be disinfected
Sterilisation by water vapour at 121°C 
Integrated valve Reservoir
UNI 1281-1 connection
PEEP valve connection
OX Reservoir connection
OX tube connection
Intubation connection device
Volume of balloon: 1800 cm3
Dimensions of balloon: 335 x   110 mm . diameter
Weight: 0,365 Kgs.

Cod. 909833725