Absorbent towels 30x40

Ideal for personal hygiene for bedridden or partially immobile patients and/or for persons with sensitive skin

Indicated to delicately and rapidly dry the skin.
Complementary use with disposable pre-soaped mitts and sponges.

Essential to integrate hygienic procedures performed on a daily basis by professionals in hospitals, clinics, rest homes, homecare, beauty salons, sports facilities, etc.

Disposable single-use products that lower risks of cross infections between patients and/or professionals. Made of non-woven textile with high absorbency according to the new production technology,  AIR-LAD (1,7-1,9 gr/gr).

Appreciated by professionals in the health sector for their pleasing softness, excellent strength, rapid absorbency and the great convenience of use. Considerable savings when compared to conventional washing processes and substitution of traditional re-usable towels.

Easy warehousing and precise accountability of consumables per single patient.

Cod. 922984479 - PCKG. OF 100 PCS.