Natural Loofah and cotton hand mitt for massage

The Loofah** and cotton hand mitt chosen by Farmacare® exercises a revitalising action and offers a natural peeling which leaves the skin shiny and soft, delicately eliminating the excess of dead cells present on the skin surface and freeing the pores of impurities.

It also favours the removal of in-grown hairs and prepares for a perfect hair removal.  When associated with moisturising, anticellulite, anti-stretchmarks cremes, etc., it favours the deep penetration of active ingredients.

Cylindrical Egyptian **Loofah is a natural vegetable fibre extracted from the fruit of the curcuminacea plant which is in the common cucumber family. Used for centuries for a natural and delicate massage of the face and body, it stimulates blood circulation and tones muscles. When wet it is optimum for a natural peeling, or dry it offers a vigorous and toning scrub.  It is extracted directly from the original plant and contains no additives or colours.

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