Natural Sea Sponge

This sponge selected by FARMACARE  is very appreciated because of  its great softness, elasticity and durability.

Thanks to its natural properties retains water, does not drip and releases water only when slight pressure is applied.

The sponge is ecological, consisting of hypoallergenic material which makes them particularly recommended for caring of the children, adults and elderly dermis.

Dermatologically tested.

Code 900589490 - (large holes) cms. 8/9 (our No. 5)

Code 900589514 - (large holes) cms. 10/11 (our No. 7)

Code 900589526 - (large holes) cms. 11/12 (our No. 8)

Code 900589538 - (large holes) cms. 12/13 (our No. 9)

Code 900589540 - (small holes) cms. 5/6 (our No. 7/V)

Code 900589565 - (small holes) cms. 9/10 (our No. 11/V)