Oral Cleaning Sticks - 20 PCS. single packaged

Classification: Medical Device Class I non sterile;

Intended use: This medical device is intended for cleaning of the oral cavity for patients with movement disabilities (for example following a stroke or when subjected to intubation) . The product is for use by professionals.  Using this device it is possible to wet the oral cavity during the course of cleaning.  This device is for temporary use.

Product description: each device is a stick which permits a firm grasp and has a small sponge.  The sponge has two smooth sides for delicate cleaning and three textured sides for more thorough cleaning and an efficient removal of residues.  Single use disposable.

Packaging in single envelopes guarantees maximum hygiene and allows protection of the device until the moment it is in use.

Characteristics and materials:

  • Length of stick: about 13 cms.;
  • Stick made of PP;
  • Sponge dimensions: width 1.5 cms – height 2.5 cms – depth 1 cm;
  • Sponge made of PP, density about 25 Kg/m3 ;
  • Sponge absorbency capacity about 100 gr/100 cm3;
  • Sponge traction resistance capacity about 15N (*);
  • Sponge extention capacity about 10N/cm;
  • Permanent deformation after extention not beyond 10%;
  • Green color.
  • Each stick is packaged in a single blister;
  • Dispenser box: 20 packages.

(*) Newton

Code. 978981963 - Oral Cleaning Sticks - 20 PCS. single packaged - Non sterile