Waterproof Wash Mitt Pre-Soaped 100pcs.

Cosmetic product for washing geriatric and disabled patients.  Disposable, latex free.  Blue color.

Pre-soaped on the short side of the mitt; these wash mitts have a highly absorbent external side and a totally waterproof internal side. Optimum resistance to traction both longitudinally and transversally.   

External side made of  Airlaid paper: 50 g/m2. Internal side made of  blue PE . Adhesive: water based.

Weight: 7,3 ± 0,5 g per mitt. Dimensions: 16 x 24 cms. (± 3%).

Chemical-physical and microbiological specifications of the soap:

  • PH: neutral 5,5.
  • Specific weight: about 1 Kg/dm3.
  • Aspect: liquid, trasparent.
  • Color: without color and without colorings.
  • Other characteristics: without perfumes, without foaming agents.

 Amount per mitt: 2,8 g.

Toxicological data: The product contains no toxic, cancer causing or mutating substances.  No ingredients used have been tested on animals.

Cosmetic conforms to directive alla 76/768/CEE and modifications.

Code. 926252141 - 100 pcs.
Code. 970495572  - 100 pcs. PERMUFED