Basic Folding wheelchair – Hand propelled

Classification: medical device.

Intended use: Favors and facilitates autonomy of movement, inside and outside, for persons with walking difficulties.

Product description: Hand propelled light alloy folding wheelchair, with fold back arm rests, fold-out length adjustable foot rests. Possibility to temporarily detach rear wheels of the handrail in case of tight passages.  Universal type of wheelchair, prevalently adapt for home use.

Characteristics and materials:

  • Tubular structure (Ø 25 mm.) in light alloy, coated with epoxy paint;
  • Front wheels Ø 203 mm. with polyurethane coating – Hand propelled rear wheels Ø 609 mm., fold-out, solid.
  • Steel pressure brakes positioned on the rear wheel covering both for braking and for parking;
  • Nylon upholstery – objects pocket at the rear of the back;
  • Fold back arm rests with spring block;
  • Fold out foot rests, length adjustable;
  • Includes nylon rain cover for legs.

Dimensional Characteristics:



Seat width

Folded dimensions


Total width

Back rest height

Seat depth

Total depth

Total height

Height from ground


Maximum weight



43 cm.

30 cm.

62 cm.

41 cm.

42 cm.

108 cm.

92 cm.

47 cm.

15 Kg.

100 Kg.

978582207 – Basic hand propelled folding wheelchair - Cod. Iso (1999)