Adjustable wood bathtub seat


Extendable seat for bathtubs. Strong steel chrome structure and seat made of three painted beech wood slats. Adaptable to bathtubs with height dimensions of 65 cms. to 70 cms. (internal height dimensions of 49 cms. to 54 cms.). 

SUPPORTS A MAXIMUM WEIGHT OF 100 KGS. The seat extends telescopically from 47 cms. to 54 cms. max.


Minimum length: 47 cms

Maximum length: 54 cms

Width or depth: 33 cms (with backrest); 28 cms (without backrest)

Height: 15 cms (without backrest); 34 cms (with backrest)

Net weight: 3,75 Kgs (with backrest); 2,88 Kgs (without backrest)

Cod. 901074815 - Wooden seat with backrest